HJ Laboratories uses a holistic approach to discovering, engineering, and patenting new applied product technologies.

In any year many product research projects and fresh ideas are studied. A select number of projects are developed into full research and development projects.

Our fresh model employs a 5 Stage cycle with a long term horizon.  We look beyond the short 2 year window that tech companies focus on for launching new products. The 5-7 year window is the focus of HJ Laboratories for developing new products.

In Stage 1 we explore, study, and conduct deep research into possibilities for a new or existing product. This is followed by engineering and designing new fundamental architectures, structures, and algorithms for a product.
In Stage 2, the results from Stage 1 are captured in a patent application and filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
In Stage 3, promotion, business development, standardization, and building a prototype of the product technology from the research project is pursued. A supplemental patent application may be filed at this point.
In Stage 4, a patent family is developed around the findings from the research project to protect rights to the new fundamental product technology.
In Stage 5, the rights of the product technology developed in the research project are licensed or sold.