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High-Definition Indoor Positioning Made Possible

Location-based mobile advertising, searching, and alerts are projected to exceed $25 billion in revenue in the U.S. for 2017. The next and largest frontier for location-based services is indoor positioning.

inGPS is an HJ Laboratories original technology based on research from 2010.  Now GPS enabled devices can be tracked indoors using existing mobile systems and the right combination of sensors.

inGPS also introduces true range finding to smartphones and tablets. Range finding adds a new dimension of context and control to mobile.

GPS works great outdoors. Indoors, GPS is poor at tracking mobile devices for mobile advertising, searching, and alerts.

GPS and cell tower triangulation can track people, cars, and devices outdoors. Indoors, GPS goes dark.

Some indoor positioning technologies rely on Wi-Fi. Although accurate in labs, these systems don’t work well in the real world. Access point configurations change and many places still do not have Wi-Fi.

Other indoor location technologies require deploying beacons. All these systems are inaccurate, expensive, or complicated.

The consumer deserves a better experience.  inGPS is a fresh approach to indoor positioning.  The problem is solved by using the right combination of sensors, rather than infrastructure, as the key data for indoor tracking.