Interactive Pressure and 3D Sensitive Touchscreens

Touchscreens provide a customizable platform for thousands of applications, but lack the feel and texture of traditional input devices.

NxTouch powers the next generation of touchscreens to have interactive pressure and 3D sensitivity for mobile, smartphone, tablet, notebook, car, and point of sale applications.  This HJ Laboratories Licensing technology was born from research in 2008.

Pressure can be recognized by a touchscreen when the display is pushed deep by a finger or object.  Now navigating an application is faster and more natural.

Elevated Touchscreens – NxTouch E 

NxTouch E pushes touchscreens further into 3D by elevating the screen surface, vastly changing the interface and user experience.  Imagine navigating a screen with buttons, edges, and textures dynamically filling the screen as easily as images do today.

NxTouch energizes the touchscreen experience by adding 3D depth, recognizing pressure, and elevating surfaces.